STY #044- Back From The Mountain!

The hiatus has finally been broken and librarian best buds Eric and Tess are back! As always, they discuss stuffs they love, heartwarming tales from the library, and life lessons learned while on a cruise with an angry young child, all with the noble goal of ushering in a second era of good feelings!

Quote of the episode: Steve Edge talks about how we shouldn’t wait to celebrate today.

Stuffs they love:
Eric- Rewatching the television show “Fringe” /relistening to his favorite Fringe Podcast and the excellent nutritional advice he received from the FreeFit Guy!
Tess- The video game “Far Cry 5” and the Horne Section Podcast.

Tales from the Library:
Eric- Helping kiddos through mindfulness, and “Poop” the Cat.
Tess- the ALA Youth Media Awards!

Life Lesson:
Eric- Your truths are as real as the truths of someone else.

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