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Same Team Y‘all!

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Two librarians working to usher in the second eras of good feelings!


Same Team Y’all!

The podcast that started it all.  This is the podcast that Leif and Tess use to promote the Same Team Y’all philosophy.  In it they discuss things that they’re currently loving, exciting and often heartwarming tales from the library, and life lessons that they’ve learned throughout the week.

Topics covered often range from Disney Princesses, comic books, being a new dad, exciting facts about presidents, Bill Nye and where he buys his bow ties, how sexy Einstein is, and how we’re all beautiful just the way we are.

Leif and Tess want to make the world a better place and this podcast is their small way of trying to make that a reality.  You can contact them at sameteamyall@gmail.com.

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Same Peaks Y'all!

Same Peaks Y’all!

Two librarians.

One loves Twin Peaks. The other had never seen the show before.

Together Leif and Tess embarked on an epic journey to watch every episode starting with the pilot way back in 1990 and ending with the final episode of The Return.

Having fulling explored the Twin Peaks universe over the course of 54 amazing episodes of the podcast, Leif and Tess ended the podcast in 2022.  Come on the journey with them by subscribing and giving them a listen!

Send them any Twin Peaks related questions and theories at samepeaksyall@gmail.com

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