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Same Team Y‘all!

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Two librarians working to usher in the second eras of good feelings!

It was the year 2016.

The presidential election was raging with the force of a thousand burning tweets.  Batman Vs Superman had become a martyr tossed on a stinking pile of rotten tomatoes, despite the efforts of countless people that worked to create it.  Tweets, posts, and public opinion judged and swayed the thoughts of anyone with a smartphone.  Divisions threatened to tear our beloved nation apart.  Sides were being chosen.  Tribes were being formed, reinforced with bias-confirming mortar, and it seemed as if the people would forever exist in a constant state of defensiveness, self-righteousness, and anger.

And then two librarians rose to show the world another way.

Leif and Tess, two librarian best friends, decided to share their unique brand of wisdom with the world and formed Same Team Y‘all!™   

Same Team Y’all’s mission has always been to promote peace and positivity throughout the land by teaching specific tenets and beliefs:

  • Treat all with dignity and kindness
  • Focus on the loves instead of hates
  • Refrain from expressing judgments in areas beyond one’s responsibility
  • Resist “othering” in all forms
  • Respect the authority of each individual to decide their own fate
  • Constantly question one’s implicit biases
  • Love oneself with the power of a thousand thousand suns

Leif and Tess promote these tenets by living by example and sharing that example through their podcast Same Team Y’all.  They are constantly challenging their implicit bias, striving to exist in a state of non-judgment, and embracing not only their loves but the loves of others.  Also, they’re pretty funny as well.

Please enjoy the podcast and be sure to check in to learn of other projects coming down the pipe.

Remember: We Love You.

…. not in a creepy way.