STY #043- Better Late Than Never: The Holiday Stress/New Year’s Spectacular!

Eric and Tess wind down 2018 and big up 2019 by giving out some “awards” to their friends, families, and selves! Stuffs we’re loving: Christmas lights, Christmas farms, “The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell,” and “Aquaman.” We both have tales from our library’s Staff Health and Wellness Day, and Tess shares a life lesson she’s learned about the difference between disagreements and personal attacks. As always we wrap up with a positivity party. Hang in there everyone. We love you!

One response to “STY #043- Better Late Than Never: The Holiday Stress/New Year’s Spectacular!”

  1. Always so nice to hear my two favorite librarians. I’m so excited to see another year of wonderful positivity from you guys. Happy (late) New Year!

    Oh, well actually it’s the start of the new Lunar Year today…so technically no one’s late, haha! I hope you guys have a wonderful and prosperous year! ♥

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