STY #042- Journey Into Womanhood

Librarian best buds, Eric and Tess, discuss stuffs they love, heartwarming tales from the library, and life lessons learned while walking their doggos in the cold, cold mornings, all with the noble goal of ushering in a second era of good feelings!

Quote of the episode: Spanx CEO Sara Blakely offers advice to redefine failure

Stuffs they love:
Eric- Moving into his new home over Thanksgiving break and the Netflix show “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”.
Tess- The musical and book “Dear Evan Hansen” and the Netflix show “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”

Tales from the Library:
Eric- Author of “The Magicians” trilogy Lev Grossman attending LexiCon 2019
Tess- A happy patron despite buckets of kiddos running around in Halloween costumes

Life Lesson:
Eric- Four lessons learned while walking the dogs
1. You can’t make anyone do anything.
2. When you feel as if you’re being pulled in many directions at once, you can decide how you react to it.
3. When in uncomfortable situations, imagine what the other person is feeling.
4. Discomfort will pass.

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