STY #074- Provide Access, Not Judgment

The inspirational quote for this episode is from poet Andrea Gibson.

Leif’s loves for this episode are the Final Fantasy XIII trailer, and Freya’s report card.

Tess’s loves for this episode are the “Cat’s Café” books/comics by Matt Tarpley, and the Netflix show “Muster Dogs.”

In this episode’s tales from the library Leif tells us about absolutely destroying a kid on Super Smash Brothers, and Tess tells us about a sweet thank you note from a young customer.

This episode’s life lesson: When dealing with someone who is M.O.A. (Mad On Arrival), don’t try to change their mind. Libraries have become an unexpected battleground in “the culture war” but our job is just to provide access to materials and services, not cast judgment on who accesses them or for what reasons.

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