STY #069- Someone’s Felt the Same or Worse

The inspirational quotes for this episode are from Mother Teresa.

Tess’s loves for this episode are the graphic novels “Squarriors” by Ash Maczko and “Lifetime Passes” by Terry Blas, the book “Chasing American Monsters” by Jason Offutt, and the movie “The Mothman Legacy.”

Leif’s loves for this episode are the video game “No Man’s Sky” and the TV show “The Sandman.”

For this episode’s cake challenge we discuss the TV show “Love, Death, and Robots.” In the next episode we will discuss the movie “Tron: Legacy.”

This episode’s life lesson: If you’re feeling low, it might help to remember someone else has felt similar or worse than you. This doesn’t discount your feelings, but hopefully helps put stuff in perspective.

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