STY #068- When To Leave Your Mask On

The inspirational quote for this episode is the poem “Two-Headed Calf” by Laura Gilpin.

Leif’s loves for this episode are Sonic the Hedgehog mobile games, and a conversation about Sonic he recently had with a tween.

Tess’s loves for this episode are “Awkward” Ashleigh Burton’s reaction channel on YouTube, and spending her birthday in a tattoo shop.

For this episode’s cake challenge we discuss the video game “Sayonara Wild Hearts.” In the next episode we will discuss the TV show “Love, Death, and Robots.”

This episode’s life lesson: Leif reminds us it’s OK, to protect yourself in some situations, to leave a “mask” on, and close yourself off to untrustworthy people.

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And hey. We love you. Not in a creepy way.

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