STY #059- Great Minds Think Differently

Eric and Tess. At it again. Changing the world one podcast at a time. Ushering in the next era of good feelings.

The inspirational quote for this episode is the poem “Walk Slowly” by Danna Faulds.

Tess’s loves for this episode are a new dress and how it makes her feel, and a new bird feeder and all the birds that eat there.

Eric’s loves for this episode are the sad boi music of Low Roar, and the walking simulator “Death Stranding.”

For this week’s cake challenge we discuss the 2012 studio version of the song “Ocean” by John Butler. In the next episode we will discuss the movie “Hearts Beat Loud.”

This episode’s life lesson: Re-examine popular phrases. Do great minds really think alike? Should we really treat others the way we want to be treated? Does what doesn’t kill you really make you stronger? Think about it.

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