STY #054- We Can’t Change the World… and it’s Okay.

Eric and Tess are back after only a fortnight making it an official pattern?

Quote- Karamo Brown, from “Queer Eye”

Loves- Hamilton Musical on Disney +, Eric closing on his new house, the Funhaus YouTube channel and The Baby-Sitters Club on Netflix

Tales from the Library- A heartwarming tale about witnessing rare hugs in the workplace, and an open conversation about the stress that comes with working during an ongoing pandemic.

Life Lesson- Our job isn’t to change the world, that’s impossible. Instead, we can only strive to accept the world as it is. and decide what small changes we can actually make in our lives and others.

Thank you so much for listening. Be well!

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One comment on “STY #054- We Can’t Change the World… and it’s Okay.”
  1. Mrs. Binks says:

    Man, it was so nice to listen to you guys again…Life has just been so hectic with everything, and things are tough worldwide…you guys continue to be such a beacon of happiness when everything else feels unsure. Hearing your guys’s voices again in a while just gave me such a happy kind of feeling. Thank you guys so much for continuing this podcast, legitimately one of the things that makes me so happy in these trying times. So much love for you guys, please stay safe. ♥

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