SPY #007- Bolo Tie Country

It’s Twin Peaks season 1 episode 7 and that highlighter is BRIGHT! A book house boy salute to you as we talk about our fave characters in our fave northwestern murder town! We’re relieved Coop didn’t sleep with Audrey, and we’d wish Lucy would be nicer to Andy. We bid farewell to Waldo the bird (we hardly knew ye!) and shake our heads at the Scooby gang of Donna, James, and Maddy. There are mysteries, as usual, like: How much is $300 of ’90’s money worth today? Is it really possible to tie a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue? And do Eric and Tess know anything about motorcycles? (We don’t! Look out for the spoiler dove!) We hope you like this episode because for us, business and pleasure are the same thing. Gazebo!

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