STY #015- The Post LexiCon Episode

Eric and Tess are flying high after an amazing experience at LexiCon! They’re also talking about the delightful DuckTales reboot, how to overcome your fear of clowns, and how Neil Degrasse Tyson blew up Pluto, or something like that. In a jam packed “Tales from the Library” they talk about a much better alternative ending to “The Little Mermaid,” and more. Find out who the cutest baby is in this episode’s “Freya Watch,” and more ideas for intentional acts of kindness in this episode’s “Life Lessons.” Don’t forget to check out our crossover episode with the “Rather Be Playing” podcast, particularly if you’re a fan of bromance!

One response to “STY #015- The Post LexiCon Episode”

  1. Love listening to the two of you….. Your funny, sassy and just fun to listen too….keep up the good work….. Well, it really isn’t work is it when you’re having so much fun…….. Love ya… Your#1FAN

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