STY #002- Everything is Everything

In this episode of Same Team Ya’ll, librarians Eric and Tess spend some quality time, as always, talking about things that they are currently loving!

The new Power Rangers movie, episodes of Gaki No Tsukai, Eric’s daughter Freya getting her hearing aids, and the podcast “S Town” are just a few of the things that come up in today’s conversation, as well as whether or not Eric’s dog Sasha is having an asthma attack.

Through a conversation of the videogame entitled “Everything” they also get into a pretty in depth discussion involving the teachings of philosopher Alan Watts, how everything is connected (including you, me, the sun, and all the amoebas), and how we all have our own valid opinions that should be respected.

The window is open throughout the cast so you’ll get to hear the wonderful ambiance of tweeting birds and cruising cars as you sit back, relax and enjoy the pleasant melody of two friends talking about all the things that are amazing, and happening right now.

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